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Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd. is a global leading producer with several production facilities and R&D centers in China, Europe (Hungary) and North America. The company consist of three business groups being Polyurethanes (isocyanates, polyether polyols), Petrochemicals and Performance Chemicals. Within the business Performance Chemicals, waterborne products are produced like: Acrylic emulsions, Styrene acrylic emulsions, Polyurethane dispersions, Modified polyurethane dispersions, OH-functional acrylic dispersions and emulsions, Hydrophilic Polyisocyanate hardeners and Rheological additives (ASE, HASE & HEUR).

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Acrylic emulsions
Waterborne (co)polymeric acrylic emulsions mainly used for architectural, wood, and concrete applications. A variety of modifications are available to suit different applications of which amongst others self-crosslinking, bio-based (up to 50%), stain/ knot bleeding and formaldehyde capturing.

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Polyurethane dispersions

Waterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for a variety of applications such as plastic, wood, flooring, textile and leather as well as inks. PUD’s are well known for their flexibility, chemical resistance, anti-blocking and haptic properties (Soft-Feel). Available with polyester, polyether but also polycarbonate backbone.

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OH-functional Acrylic dispersion and emulsions

Waterborne hydroxyl functional acrylic dispersion and emulsions are mainly used for industrial applications such as protection of metal and wood but also for flooring applications. A variety of OH-percentages are available for the various applications to accommodate curing speed, hardness, chemical resistance, appearance/ gloss levels but also anti-graffiti properties. OH-percentages rank from 1-5% (on solid).

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Rheological Modifiers

Waterborne rheological additives with acrylic or polyurethane polymer. The portfolio consist of full shear range (low, mid and high) thickeners based on ASE, HASE and HEUR technology to improve in-can stability (e.g. anti-settling of pigments), flow & levelling of the coating and application properties such as anti-spattering or anti-sagging. All thickeners are Tin-free and some are already bio-based (up to 30%).

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Styrene Acrylics emulsions

Waterborne styrene acrylic copolymeric emulsions mainly used for metal & plastic substrates and wall paints. Very good adhesion on various substrates (e.g metals, PC, ABS, PS and aged coatings), corrosion resistance (also DTM), water resistance and hardness.

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Modified Polyurethane dispersions

Modified waterborne polyurethane dispersions or hybrids have been developed to achieve special properties on top of the regular PUD properties such as wood-warming, chemical resistance and faster curing speed.

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Hydrophilic Polyisocyanate Hardeners

A variety of hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate hardeners (HDI) are available for adequate incorporation (mechanically of manually) of the crosslinker into the coating system. This will ensure best possible gloss or matt appearance, balanced end-hardness, transparency and water resistance. All Wanhua hydrophilic polyisocyanates have a low residual monomer content (<0,1%).

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