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Deuteron GmbH

Deuteron GmbH

Deuteron GmbH has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing organic matting agents, structuring agents, wax additives, surface additives, conductivity agents, UV initiators, thickening and thixotropic agents, wetting and dispersing agents and defoamers.

Further information and detailed product information is available on the Deuteron website.

Matting agents
The Deuteron and Pergopak matting agents are organic polymethylureum polymers. The chemical and physical characteristics of this product group give the matting agents unique features which are incomparable with, for instance, silicate based matting agents. Their chemical character and structure make them suitable as sole or additional matting agents in a wide range of coating materials.

More information at Deuteron

Structuring agents
The Deuteron ST-products give many possibilities for the structuring and/or anti slip characteristics. The products are based on polymethyl urea resin or copolyester/polyamide and enable you to achieve high-quality effects in your surfaces in both functional and aesthetic terms. Because of their advantages over conventional structuring agents, the polymethyl urea resin structuring agents in particular are used all over the world to produce a wide range of modifications.

More information at Deuteron

Wax additives

The Deuteron wax additives are based on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA). The chemical characteristics of the waxes enable them to be used to influence many of the features of your surfaces and coatings.

More information at Deuteron

Surface additives

The polymethyl urea resin-based surface additives are used to modify the friction, scratch resistance and haptics of coatings and paints. The Deuteron OG and SF types are available in a wide range of products supplied in various forms and with different reactive diluents.

More information at Deuteron

Conductivity agents / Anti-statics

These Deuteron products are based on quaternary ammonium compounds and are available in solid or liquid form. The anti-statics are used for a wide range of applications; improving spray performance, antistatic treatment for shoe soles and floor coverings (e.g. server rooms).

More information at Deuteron

UV Initiators
Photo initiators for cationic UV hardening / polymerization of epoxy and oxetane systems. Compared to other (anionic) technologies, cationic UV hardening / polymerization give similar characteristics but also benefits such as limited shrink, good adhesion to different surfaces and no reaction to oxygen.

 More information at Deuteron

Thickening- and Thixotropy Agents
The Deuteron thickening agents are based on anionic hetero polysaccharides (xanthan) and are used as stabilisers and thickening agent for aqueous systems. The products are available in various forms and therefor suitable for a wide range of applications.

More information at Deuteron

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