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A young and dynamic distributor of specialties for the chemical industry

Customer focused, cooperation and flexibility… That is MaDe Chemicals!


MaDe Chemicals

At MaDe Chemicals we highly valuate customer service and flexibility. We respond swiftly to the needs of our customers, make sure (most) products are available in stock and we stay informed about the latest development concerning the environment and legislation. We have the knowledge for custom made technical advice.

Our many years of experience enables us to understand our customer’s need and therefore we value our principles:
• Customer centricity
• Focus on selected suppliers
• Excellent supply chain service and short lead times
• Innovative, technical knowledge and support
• Lean & mean

Who is MaDe Chemicals?

A young and dynamic distributor of specialties for the chemical industry. Our portfolio is focused on the production of paints, adhesives, printing inks and other construction chemical end products.

Knowledge & experience

After a successful career spanning more than 40 years in the chemical industry, Mark Vring and Dennis Kuipers decided to start their own company. Based on our knowledge and experience, we respond to the needs of the market.

Independent distributor

As MaDe Chemicals, we focus on our customers and suppliers. We apply the principle “It’s our business… to support yours”.

Mark Vring

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Dennis Kuipers

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MaDe Chemicals B.V.

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Our mission

By putting our customers first and at the same time supporting our suppliers, we create added value to lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. We do that with our extensive knowledge, experience and longstanding partnerships in the chemical industry. This enables our customers to focus on their core business, ‘To develop and produce best-in-class end products’.

Our vision

We help our customer to develop and produce best-in-class end products.

MaDe Chemicals builds long term partnerships by optimizing our services and adapt to the need of our customers.


Supplier of:

Raw materials for different kind of industrial applications.

MaDe Chemicals wants to be the best by improving what we do in our industry.


MaDe Chemicals is continuously searching for new developments to improve end products without losing track of environmental impact.

MaDe Chemicals stands for innovative, technical knowledge and support

What can we do for you?


MaDe Chemicals B.V.

Boslaan 35A, 2132 RJ Hoofddorp


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